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Balance Your Life

Life Line Catalytic Water and Indian HerbLife-Line™ Catalytic Activated Energy Water

Water is an essential substance for sustaining life. Drinking Life-Line™ Catalytic Activated Energy Water infused with protoplasm not only rehydrates your body -- it balances your body's metabolism. Consumers tell us after drinking Life-Line, they have more energy, feel better and are healthier. Life-Line™ is concentrated, bottled in one gallon containers.

The Indian Herb

The Indian Herb is a perfectly balanced vitamin and mineral substance which balances the body's metabolism and any blood disorders. It is a dark, semi-liquid paste. The herbal paste may be taken orally or applied directly to abnormal growths or used as a "preventative/maintenance" health aid.


Myces SB5000

Myces SB5000Myces SB5000 are all natural freeze-dried capsules. This dietary supplement contains live probiotics microorganisms, yeasts, proteins, minerals, enzymes, lactic acid, bacteria and vitamins.

The probiotics in Myces SB5000 produce a cleansing effect on the whole body which helps to establish a balanced inner ecosystem or flora for optimum health maintenance.

Today they are grown in goat's milk, freeze-dried and then placed in capsules. As a supplement, take one capsule three times a day. Store in a cool place, refrigeration will extend the life of this product.

Myces SB5000 is a nutritional dietary supplement from natural sources and no medical claim for cures can or will be made. It is not intended to diagnose, mitgate, treat, cure or prevent any specific disease or class of diseases.

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Disclaimer: McDaniel Life-Line LLC makes no claims that the water or herbs cures or heals any condition.
Testimonies are strictly from people who used Life-Line Water™ or The Indian Herb.
This information is not intended to replace the services of any health care provider.
Seek advise from your physician first regarding any medical condition.